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Make a big impact

through small changes

We reinvented the way we make paper

but not the way to use it

Our impact 2022

Kg of Plastic Saved
Tonnes of Carbon Balanced
Tonnes of Chemicals Spared

Transform Your Space

Buy Hempur for your business, reduce your Co2

Bamboo the Wonderplant

Ultra soft & unbleached
Regrows without replanting
Fastest growing plant in the world
more carbon absorbed than trees
Lees water needed to grow compared to trees
More oxygen produced than trees


the wonder plant

It's the fastest growing grass in the world.  It can grow a whopping 90 cm day.
Without the need of any fertilizers or pesticides, and harvest it naturally re-grows which makes it one of the most sustainable plants mother nature provides.
Bamboo truly is a wonder plant. It provides us with the silky smooth and super soft paper we use in all our products.

Carbon Neutral Production

100% renewable energy
Water reducing and recycling technology
Made in EU

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We fulfill 7 out of 17 of UN sustainability goals.

The world of Hempur