Our Story

Why do we care so much about toilet paper ?

The issue with regular tissue

Humankind has lost its way. Thinking nature is a credit card, when in reality it is a debit card. It is time to rethink paper, and how we use our natural resources.

We are wiping ourselfes out

We flush down 27 000 trees every day globally. 15% of deforestation is done to satisfy our huge appetite for paper. When trees get cut down they release carbon into the atmosphere.

Less Plastic More Life

We probably don't have to tell you that there's a serious problem with plastic pollution on our planet. Scientists predict that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the sea.

The paper business is thirsty

Water is used in all the major processes involved in paper making. From growing the trees to make pulping. And the most water intensive phase is bleaching. Kind on the eye. But terrible for the environment.

One of the worst

Did you know that the paper industry is the fourth most energy intensive in EU? Most of the energy comes from non renewable sources like fossil fuel.

We are Hempur

We dream of a future in harmony and partnership with nature.  Our mission is to shift peoples awareness from mindless consumption to mindful consumption.

Here's our promise to you:

We always keep people, the planet and future generations in mind when we work.We challenge the big, the small, the details and the concepts. And we constantly work on how we use our natural resources in the most efficient way.

We will never use any unnecessary chemicals, harmful materials and work with those that don’t respect people & planet.

If it was easy everybody would do it.

How did we come up with these innovations? Because we question everything.

Next time you get paper remember this: Get Hempur

Core beliefs

Bold but friendly

Dare to be different.

Social responsibility

It is important to take care of nature - but also one another.

A sustainable state of mind

A continuous work of creating new ways to help us and future generations to live in harmony with Nature.

Design is thinking

Nature is beautiful, and so are we. Nature creates perfect packagings - we simply follow her lead.

Curiously innovative

Its our nature to come up with new ways of doing old things, it’s important to stay open minded and creative.

Transparency as key

We have nothing to hide and are proud to share our work.

The end is only the beginning

We are spreading all over the world to take on the paper business together with our beloved retailers.